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How to Select the Right Agency Partner for Your Brand Launch

Looking for the right creative partner to help you launch a new brand is not like a typical search for an advertising agency or a graphic design studio. This information may catch you by surprise, and that’s where it gets tricky. You launch your brand only once, but you have graphic design, advertising, and marketing needs on an ongoing basis. The relationship you seek right now is short term—or at least you should not get sidetracked looking for a partner for life at this point in the process. It is about finding a partner with expertise in brand launches who understands what will help give your new brand the elements it needs for success. You should not get distracted by an agency’s stunning creative work or deep knowledge within your segment. Of course these are important factors, but you need to remain true to the task at hand and ask yourself the following question: Who will be best suited to bring my new brand to life—from name through brand identity to a successful digital design? We created a list of things you should (and should not) focus on while going through this tremendously important process with your new brand. With many marketing efforts, you get a second chance, but launching your new brand is not one of them. This white paper will help relieve some of the pressure when it is time to determine which agency or consultancy you should select to lead the task with you. We have provided a list of qualities you should look for in a creative partner. Each quality is weighed according to how much influence it should have on your final selection.

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