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How To Ensure Social Influencers Trust Your Brand Message [Podcast]

I had the pleasure to chat with Todd Cameron of TapInfluence about creating actionable core values for your organization, social listening, and knowing when to follow your gut instinct. It was an engaging conversation that took both of us out of our comfortable sides of the marketing camp.

Besides learning why I would rather not shower than not sleep for a week and be a priest rather than a clown (what a hot topic these days!), you will also learn…

  • Why it’s key to know your core values before hiring an influencer
  • How to come up with values that have clear, actionable goals
  • Why influencers are more powerful if they believe in your messaging
  • How to know what data is helpful, and when to go with your gut
  • Why social listening will help your brand connect with your audience

If you are working on your core values or are flirting with getting influencers engaged to spread the word about your brand, head on over to Jay Baer’s InfluencePros Podcast and give it a listen:


“When an influencer sees your brand’s core values as part of their belief they will feel inspired and share your message with passion” (Tweet this)


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