Opportunities in Brand Discovery

We rarely look for full-time staff members to join our small team, but when we do we want to have your resumé on hand. Please e-mail us at careers@finien.com and sign up to stay in touch. Our current job openings are listed below:

Design & Research Intern

An internship at FINIEN means that you become completely integrated into the core team. It offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative brand launch process while significantly contributing to actual brand solutions via research, strategy and/or design.

We further offer a small stipend. The duration of an internship is 3 months. We only offer one internship at a time to the best qualifying candidates. Good luck and we hope to be able to welcome you to the FINIEN Team soon!

Prospect Engagement Liaison

Our Engagement Liaison is a highly sociable, energetic and personable individual that is interested in, and frequently attends functions related to Marketing, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Startups.

This position is commission based and off-site. FINIEN offers reimbursements for select events.