CO-OP Financial Services B2C Brand Strategy

Overseeing the brand strategy and creative brand vision for CO-OP, together with the CMO, we were tasked to review the B2C brand component of the overarching organization. We derived the tag line 'Access. Simplified.' to connote to the many financial products CO-OP offers Credit Unions and its members that allow them access to more ATMs than any bank in the US, while Shared Branches and multiple apps allow for easy access, simplifying Credit Union members' lives. A consistent brand identity design language was derived to encompass all consumer-facing products. The identities hint at the overarching CO-OP brand design, using the red/white stripe combo, while establishing a unique look on themselves. Guides from typography, by-lines, nomenclature, and colors have been set in place to ensure a consistent brand image that is extendable into new offerings as they develop frequently in an ever-expanding and evolving organization and industry.