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A quick read about the deceptively difficult task of turning your venture into an admired brand.

Inspired by a new wave of commodity brands that is winning hearts, using the eight traits and their commandments in this book will guide you to your specific path to turning your venture, may that be a commodity product or a hot startup, into a better, more beloved brand.

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"The author's genuine enthusiasm for this topic is infectious. Expect your copy to become're likely to find yourself referencing it again and again."

David Glaze, Creative Director


"In Bigger Than This, Fabian Geyrhalter offers a set of ideas and a collection of case studies to help you create long-lasting value in head-spinning times."

William C. Taylor, Co-Founder


"Essential reading for any entrepreneur who wants their brand to be more empathetic."

Heather McGough, Co-Founder

Lean Startup Co.

"Refreshingly clear and devoid of jargon, Bigger Than This is full of case studies, insights, and analysis that explore the best ways in which to turn a business into a brand."

Brittany Golob, Editor

Transform magazine

"Bigger Than This has just the right mix of big ideas and practical examples. Fabian Geyrhalter’s book does a superb job of illuminating modern-day branding in a format that makes reading it a pleasure."

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Foreword Review

"Bigger Than This is a small book with a very big font and an even bigger idea."

Shaun Smith, Author


"Bigger Than This is an executive's guide to the critical qualities, questions, and quirks behind every authentic brand. You’re going to want a highlighter for this one."

Ken Plasse, CEO

Fishpeople Seafood

"If you are a business owner, this is an important book."

Dr. Alex Mehr, CEO & Co-Founder





“A new wave of commodity brands is winning hearts and is teaching us how to turn any product into an admired brand.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“For the first time in history, it is more difficult for big brands to gain unconditional consumer trust than it is for a startup brand.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“As a startup brand, though, consistently providing small but thoughtful delights can be the one thing to set your brand apart from your competitors’ offering of the same product or service.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“It occurred to me that the latest wave of brands we love is not leading through disruption and/or innovation. These brands are actually launching with nothing other than a commodity product – with nearly instant brand advocates and huge scale to follow.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“If you are in a space known for opacity and complexity, transparency can go quite a long way with your audience.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

You are searching for the AND?DNA, the underlying DNA of your brand story, which all starts by asking, “What is bigger than this?”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This







A clear, concisely written book about what moves a company beyond just being a company.
Ellen Whitfield, 01/08/18, GoodReads
When reading this book, it made me feel as though I was learning secret methods to win the hearts and minds of my customers in this modern era. The information shared is inspiring to create more than just a business, but to think about the purpose behind the company and to allow that to breathe life into the brand.
Brandon Bosse, 01/04/18, GoodReads
This book has excellent examples, rich with tips and tricks, and easy to understand for a branding newbie like me and it helps me strategize my offering. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to differentiate their products in this age.
a0z0ra, 12/30/17, GoodReads
If you are looking to create a product or you are into branding, then this is the kind of book I'd recommend as a read. The author provides insight into what makes brands tick and concise case studies on various companies and start-ups. I ended up being inspired to try and launch a product.
Dora Okeyo, 12/23/17, GoodReads
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FABIAN GEYRHALTER is a renowned brand strategist and the founder and Principal of FINIEN, a Los Angeles-based consultancy specializing in turning ventures into brands. Geyrhalter is also a columnist for Inc and Forbes, and he has been published by the likes of The Washington Post, Mashable, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. He is an advisory board member of Santa Monica College and has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California and Art Center College of Design. A frequent speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide, he is a “Global 100” mentor at the Founder Institute, and his book “How to Launch a Brand” is a #1 Amazon Bestseller. His newest book is “Bigger Than This.” He lives and works in Long Beach, California and is a graduate of Art Center College of Design.

SPEAKING Fabian Geyrhalter is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities worldwide and holds branding workshops at incubators and corporations. To contact Fabian for an event, click here.

WORKSHOPS In Fabian Geyrhalter's popular proprietary one-on-one workshop he will re-define your company’s vision and turn it into the foundation of a meaningful brand. Contact us for details or to schedule your workshop.


HOW TO LAUNCH A BRAND Your Comprehensive Guide to Launching a Brand: from Positioning to Naming and Brand Identity. In this book Fabian Geyrhalter shares expert insights based on two decades of professional experience transforming new product and service ventures from ideation phases to tangible brand realities. Each of the key phases of preparing for a brand launch are broken down into practical guidelines designed to help you make the right branding decisions along the way.