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Strategic Brand Clarity > Verbal Brand Clarity > Visual Brand Clarity

From strategic to verbal and visual brand clarity, our proprietary method is applicable to US or European-based companies generating at least $5 million in revenue who are facing a brand transformation that requires them to swiftly shape a focused story and cohesive brand image to successfully (re)launch. At the end of this rigorous and proven process, you will be equipped with strong brand positioning and a unique philosophy, an ownable name, and a brand identity design rollout that will make your new brand connect deeply with your audience, staff, and investors alike.

We Are Ready to Enable Your Re-launch.




Fabian Geyrhalter conducts our Resonaid brand clarity sessions, in which we (re)define your company, culture, and story while drawing your audience more deeply into your offering:

  • Resonaid – Our eight-hour, 360° brand strategy offering, conducted more than 150 times by Fabian around the world, touches on all aspects of your brand and will leave you with a brand platform that will turn into your sharable guide during and after your brand transformation.
  • Resonaid Culture Deep Dive – A four-hour add-on workshop to ensure your brand change will positively affect your culture.
  • Resonaid Brand Voice Deep Dive – A four-hour add-on workshop to go deeper into the adjusted voice of your brand, leaving you with actionable insights to fuel your marketing team and freelance writers.

2. Brand Name

The art of naming is 20% creativity and 80% a painstaking process. We have perfected both over years of working with international brands on crafting company, product, and service names as well as brand architectures that resonate from the get-go.

  • Creative brand alignment
  • Future-proof brand architecture
  • Social media, app stores, search due diligence
  • Trademark availability and guidance
  • Domain name availability and guidance
  • Linguistic screening (International feasibility)
  • Competitor screening

Peruse a selection of names we created here.

3. Brand Identity

From your new logo to a visual and verbal playbook, we will equip you with the tools you need to successfully (re)launch as an aligned brand from Day 1.

  • Brand identity design
  • Key visual touch points
  • Verbal toolbox
  • Sharable brand sheet to ensure a singular visual and verbal brand language across your team and pool of freelancers.

View a selection of brand identities we shaped here.

We Are Ready to Enable Your Re-launch.


Transitioning a Clinical Data Provider into a SaaS Tech Brand

"I found it impressive that such great work could be done in the timeframe that we conducted it."
Jay Ackerman, CEO, (Glendale, California)

Increasing Brand Favorability for a Global Payments Platform

"We tested the new visual brand and proposition and are overwhelmed by the positive response. Visual favorability increased by 60%, recall of brand story by 30%."
Uwe Hook, CMO, WorldRemit (London, UK)

Positioning a 16-Year Old Software Development Firm for Growth

"Working with Fabian and the team FINIEN on our re-branding journey was like putting on glasses for the first time: Everything became clearer, had more focus and appeared more colorful."
Peter Dulak, Founder (Warsaw, Poland)

Creating a Niche in a Crowded Space for a Financial Consultancy

"When the final brand strategy was presented to us, we could not believe how incredible the final product looked."
Niels Buksik, CEO & Founder (Southlake, Texas)

Transforming a Leading Swiss Tech Brand

"Appreciative of the very structured process and the resulting brand consistency."
Marc Schreiber, Head of Marketing (Puidoux, Switzerland)

We typically assist with brand transformations triggered by changes in offerings, audiences, distribution methods, vision, and purpose as well as geographic expansions, mergers or acquisitions, a transition away from a stale legacy brand, or a legal threat forcing an entity to rename their brand.

Let’s discuss past brand transformations that apply to your business.