SpeakBeat Naming

SpeakBeat is a mobile app that allows for personalized interactions with trending topics, news, and ideas through the answering of provocative questions. We were tasked to derive a name that would resonate with millennials as well as media, that could be used as a common noun or verb, and that would tell a story. Trademark and domain name availability were a must. Through the name SpeakBeat we hit on two key aspects of the app: Voicing your opinion and being part of theĀ pulse of now. It allows for additional brand nomenclature while being memorable in a beat.

SpeakBeat Identity

The SpeakBeat identity design is multilayered in symbolism deriving from social complexities of community diversity. Multiple bars, in varying heights, assemble next to one another to represent the community as one. Height differences mimic a cityscape, sound bars, the community pulse. Each of the bars also represents a speech bubble, the correlated opinions that make SpeakBeat, beat.

FINIEN did an outstanding job assisting SpeakBeat with our branding needs - from the creation of the name to the development of the brand identity.

- Dean Stackel