Turning Ventures Into Brands

Our engagements encompass:

Brand Strategy

Brand Naming

All-Encompassing Brand Identity

Our focus is narrow and our process specific. Our expertise is deep and our passion contagious.

Collaboratively we embark on a short and intense journey where we infuse your new product or service with soul and an elevated reason for being. One that transforms your company, intellectually, verbally and visually, into something that will stand out and quickly and deeply resonate with your customer from the get-go.

If you are ready to take your new or flourishing young company to the next level then let’s start a dialogue.

FINIEN created a new brand that was way beyond our expectations. They have that unique mix of creativity, talent, and professionalism that is very rare to find. I am careful about making recommendations, but FINIEN is easy for me to recommend.

— Stephen Errico, Retired Technology Partner at Price Waterhouse Management Consultants