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From strategic to verbal and visual brand clarity, our proprietary method is applicable to startups and Fortune 5000’s alike that desire to swiftly shape a focused story and cohesive brand image around a new offering in order to successfully launch or attract the next round of funding. At the end of this rigorous and proven process, you will be equipped with a strong brand positioning and unique philosophy, an ownable name and a brand identity design rollout that will make your idea turn into a visual and verbal reality that connects deeply with your audience, staff, and investors alike.

Let’s discuss your upcoming launch and walk you through our process from crystallizing your vision to enabling your brand to meet its audience.

How to engage with us

Brand Clarity
on one call

Brand Focus
in two days

in two months

Brand Clarityon one call

I am truly an accessible brand expert at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world. Simply schedule a swift call (starting at 15 minutes) where I can tackle your single problem, or lead you on the right path to fixing it. Over the past 100+ calls as Clarity’s #1 branding expert, I have tackled brand architecture, naming and brand identity questions of all sorts for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Let’s solve this quickly so you can keep going. (Starting at $112)

Brand Focusin one day

Our proprietary Resonaid workshop creates the brand foundation for your brand in one 8-hour session led by Fabian Geyrhalter. The resulting document will lead to a well-defined and differentiated positioning that creates focus on how to craft your brand’s message and build its culture in a strategic and verbal way. Let’s unify, define, and solidify your brand. (10k)

  • Define: Positioning Statement, Mission/Vision Statement, Brand DNA, Core Values, Brand Personality Suite, Points of Difference, Brand Philosophy, Brand Identity Associations, Competitor Brand Analysis, Target Audience Personas, Brand Action Plan
  • Takeaway: A PDF summarizing the analysis, strategy, and recommended action

Brand/Rebrandin two months

Our unique process was derived from my experience of running a brand agency and my epiphany that today’s startups require a swift but educated way to get started the right way. It kicks off with the Resonaid brand foundation process, after which we craft your brand’s name, and/or create your overarching identity: From the logo to the visual and verbal playbook, we equip you with the tools you need to successfully launch or re-launch as a true brand from day one. Let’s build your brand the right way. (40k)

  • Brand strategy (10k)
  • Brand name (10k)
  • Verbal/Visual Brand Identity (20k)