• Can we afford working with FINIEN?
    We like to share our deep expertise with entrepreneurs on any budget: If you seek quick expertise, $5/min advisory calls (scheduled via clarity) or one-on-one consulting sessions ($250/Hr) with Fabian Geyrhalter would be your solution. If you are in need of hands-on assistance to bring your brand to life, we offer startup-friendly payment plans and consider equity.
  • Can we hire you for a speaking engagement or to hold a workshop at our organization?
    Yes, please see the leadership page or contact us to discuss details.
  • What will our day-to-day engagement on a full brand launch with FINIEN look like?
    We are highly organized and a strict schedule is agreed upon and adhered to by both parties from the day we kick off the project to the day we hand over the final brand elements. In order for us to work successfully we work with only one point person (Project Manager) on your end, but insist on meeting all stakeholders involved during the discovery process. We only take on 3 projects at a time, which allows us to be fully immersed in your brand launch on a daily basis. This may sound strict, but a true process needs to be specific in order to generate guaranteed results, otherwise it’s merely a guide.
  • How do we know you are the right fit for us?
    Thanks for asking, this is extremely important to us also. So much so we wrote a white paper about it. Click here to get your copy.