Resonaid™ Brand Foundation Workshop

In our popular proprietary workshop we define your brand to ensure it will resonate with a unique target audience from the get-go, and to create a shield from your (future) competitors. We accomplish this, and much more, in an affordable manner, during a single day. This one-on-one workshop with Principal Fabian Geyrhalter will re-define your company’s vision and turn into the foundation of a meaningful brand.

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We derive a meaningful name that stands out from your competition, yet resonates with your target audience.

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Identity Design

We design a unique, memorable, and timeless brand identity that will easily adapt across media.

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Brand Atmosphere Touchpoints

We establish a powerful and cohesive visual language for the marketing materials that matter most to your new company, such as design concepts for E-Mail Templates, Presentations, Collateral and Packaging.

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