How to launch a brand

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Second edition: Fully revised and updated


Your Comprehensive Guide to Launching a Brand: from Positioning to Naming and Brand Identity

This book will guide you through the steps necessary to build a brand from the ground up:

  1. Step 1 (Chapter 1): Create a brand platform
  2. Step 2 (Chapter 2): Devise a brand name
  3. Step 3 (Chapter 3): Design your brand's identity
  4. Step 4 (Chapter 4): Craft your brand atmosphere touch points

Most entrepreneurs, even seasoned brand managers, launch first and then work on slowly transforming the new offering into a brand. A logical progression, I would agree. After all, how can you possibly launch as a brand if you don’t have any customers or marketing outreach and—obviously, since you just launched a new offering—you have no legacy or advocates?

The simple answer is by design. Design relates to the systematic process you have to adhere to, which is likely the primary reason you are holding this book in your hands. In addition though, design truly holds the key to the success of your new brand. It will set your offering apart to look, feel, and sound like a brand at the time of launch, as opposed to something that might or might not have the power to eventually turn into a brand. This book will teach you how to launch your brand by design.

In this book I share expert insights based on two decades of professional experience transforming new product and service ventures from ideation phases to tangible brand realities. Each of the key phases of preparing for a brand launch are broken down into practical guidelines designed to help you make the right branding decisions along the way.

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Beautiful hardcover workbook edition designed to guide entrepreneurs or students as they embark on their first, or next, startup launch. Features objectives, actionable to-do's and ample areas for notes.

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"An inspiring tool and quick read any CMO launching a new brand should indulge in."

— Laura S. Murcek, Vice President Brand Strategy + Creative + Marketing, ART.COM

"An insightful and process-driven book that provides tremendous value to entrepreneurs during the most crucial steps of their new business venture."

— Ashish Soni, Founding Director, USC Viterbi Startup Garage

" Innovators everywhere will want to read this slim on size but hefty on advice [book]…It is straightforward, easy to read and offers a logical framework for the branding process."

— Portland Book Review

"As a business owner, I believe that this book will help entrepreneurs as well as managers in charge of launching new products, services or companies to think brand-centric. I learned a lot from Fabian and the FINIEN team in this incredible, easy-to-read book."

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"Fantastically helpful book for anyone looking to or thinking about starting their own business. Practical thoughts with actionable advice is what anyone would want in this stage, and this has both all throughout.

— benblack88 Amazon Customer Review

"Book by a brand engineer, company launch pad provider and design educator. This book is not only well designed but the content makes the numerous tasks involved in establishing a brand clear for anyone in the process of doing so. Get this one!"

— Brett C., Amazon Customer Review

"Any entrepreneur should get this book because it reminds you that branding can make or break a company. Fabian is a guru in the subject and this second edition offers some wonderful insights into branding, especially while I'm going through a re-brand and launch of my startup. This book is organized and thorough, and had I known there was a workbook version of it, I would have purchased that! Recommended!"

— tommy8, Amazon Customer Review

"Clear, concise, and practical. This book is everything you need to get your brand platform started, craft an identity, and build your presence both online and off-line. I'm still referencing this book on an almost daily basis as my company's new website approaches launch time and we continue to tweak our wireframe models. Branding is such a vital process that affects EVERY aspect of an organization at its most fundamental level. This is a must-read for serious entrepreneurs!"

— James E Iliff

"Great read. I love that it's really a how-to guide instead of a long, pompous book filled with all kinds of philosophical fluff. Read this book, follow along, and achieve success."

— Patrick William Smith, Amazon Customer Review

"This is a quick read, yet very effective. The book offers a lot of tactical advice, but explains the theory to justify the advice and provides real-life examples for why the world works how it does. As a founder, I wish I had read this book 2.5 years ago prior to launching my business. We struggle with brand/identity and would be further ahead if we made decisions on Brand Platform upfront."

— Amazon Customer Review

"Fabian has really simplified the process of launching a brand! A fantastic book that provides great advice to successfully launch a brand in today's marketplace. It offers great tools and tips for both experienced and inexperienced marketers."

— Princessvines, Amazon Customer Review

"I am preparing for a new brand launch. Amidst the chaos prior to the big day, this book has been informative, calming and brought clarity. It is an insightful, in-depth and motivating tool. I will use it as an ongoing source of reference."

— Larry Letters

"Fabian has given the reader a look behind the process his amazing agency uses to launch brands. I am impressed with how easy the book walks one through what is usually a nerve-racking process for most companies. If you are rebranding or launching a new brand, this book is a must read."

— Beryt Nisenson

"Fabian has great insight into Branding and positioning."

— Paul Strunc

"This book is my go-to branding reference when starting a new venture and the first one I recommend to other entrepreneurs who are doing the same. For those of us who don’t do branding full-time, the expert guidance and clear steps contained in this book are an invaluable resource whether doing the work yourself or hiring a professional."

— Amazon Customer Review

"Great resource. It hits all the right notes, from where to start to the overall process and who needs to be involved. Great Job!"

— Dave Barcos

"I've been enjoying this book IMMENSELY! And have been finding it an incredible tool for tailoring my approach to branding and marketing of my company. It has also seemed to parallel the class I am taking, so I get to feel a bit smarter than I would otherwise. Haha."

— quoleshna, Amazon Customer Review

"Presents a good structured approach to doing something most entrepreneurs seldom do and do haphazarly."

— W M Aenlle

"Great, proper, full scale."

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"Good read."

— Meowbeanz, Amazon Customer Review

"Mr. Geyrhalter was a professor of mine at Art Center College of Design, where he teaches branding strategies and graphic design. His new book follows the process set forth by his consultancy Finien to illustrate the phases of determining the formative decisions in crafting a new brand. How to Launch a Brand makes the assumption that the reader is running a professional organization and is able to work with professional designers (graphic, web, print, packaging) in order to implement the strategies shared here. This book would also be valuable for a designer who wishes to move from execution-level design onto the planning and strategy side of branding. Highly recommended for it's clear and quick treatment on establishing a new brand, especially for consumer-facing ventures."

— Aspencalm, Amazon Customer Review

Get Your Copy the Way You Want It:
Workbook: $34.95 MSRP

Beautiful hardcover workbook edition designed to guide entrepreneurs or students as they embark on their first, or next, startup launch. Features objectives, actionable to-do's and ample areas for notes.

Paperback: $24.95 MSRP BUY NOW
eBook: $9.95 MSRP BUY NOW
Audio: $6.95 MSRP BUY NOW