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depsys Brand Strategy

depsys is a leading Swiss technology company that provides evolutive solutions enabling traditional electricity networks to cope with the new constraints of decentralized production from renewable energy sources. FINIEN was brought in to align the brand strategy and identity with the next chapter of the company's story. Fabian Geyrhalter conducted the Resonaid brand strategy workshop on-site in Switzerland that served as the conduit for the re-brand. Next to defining the brand's DNA and pillars, incredibly powerful values have been derived that represent the core ethos while providing day-to-day guidance for the brand.

depsys Identity

The new depsys brand identity design is based on three circles, which represent the three phases of an electrical grid. Similarities in color, shape, and negative space within the logo capture the transition from the former depsys identity to the new logo, disabling customer confusion while signaling massive change at the same time. A line connecting the center to the outer circle forms the letter ‘d’ while a visual continuous loop feels electric, the upward motion supportive and positive. The color orange is bold and energetic and often represents encouragement and stimulation while the lowercase font showcases the brand's uncovered personality of 'friend.' Last but not least, the icon works in unison with the company's key offering, GridEye, hence creating a brand family.

Appreciative of the very structured process and the resulting brand consistency.

- Marc Schreiber

Head of Marketing

WorldRemit Brand Strategy

When London-based WorldRemit approached us, we were faced with a weak brand story and a non-distinct visual language in an increasingly competitive market. We started this fast-paced brand transformation project with our Resonaid workshop which we conducted with the C-Suite. A strong founding story was identified and we readied the team to lean into the emotional triggers of fairness and connection between people rather than the product- and feature-focused storytelling from the past: WorldRemit exists to connect people and their money across borders through delightful experiences because we believe fair financial exchanges create opportunities and strengthen human bonds.

WorldRemit Brand Identity

Next, we refreshed the iconic logo to be friendlier, younger, and more versatile in applications while rethinking the story behind the mark: The WorldRemit icon consists of an octagon which represents a world connected through technology, while the intertwined W highlights the relationship between the sender and receiver and WorldRemit and its customers. A full brand refresh that encompassed social media strategy and digital property re-designs followed.

We tested the new visual brand and proposition and are overwhelmed by the positive response. Visual favorability increased by 60%, recall of brand story by 30%.

- Uwe Hook


ANCHORY Brand Strategy

Texas-based Peak Vantage Wealth approached us for a re-branding, looking at the financial consultancy with a fresh set of eyes with the goal of creating a brand that will differentiate in a crowded field. Through an in-person Resonaid Brand Strategy session held in Austin, a new path towards a niche audience was derived. Given a selection of current customers and the founder's athletic background, affluent and active lifestyle US-based families were singled out, with much room to grow into professional sports.


ANCHORY is a trust-invoking name that communicates the brand's mission well. The word anchor describes a person that can be relied on for support, stability, or security. Since ANCHORY leads with knowledge and guidance we leaned on the word advisory. The name ANCHORY, which was a readily available .com name, quickly became a brand name embodying what the consultancy provides: specialized financial guidance you can depend on.

ANCHORY Identity

The brand identity design for ANCHORY is simple yet powerful. A custom italic typeface was created to showcase forward movement and speed: a nod to the acceleration of your finances, the athletic nature of its clients, and the consultancy's future-forward mindset. The letterforms A & Y are the exact same shape, flipped to tell the story of 360° financial advice from beginning to end. A deep navy blue was chosen for its symbolism of importance, confidence, power, and authority, as well as intelligence, stability and unity.

When the final brand strategy was presented to us, we could not believe how incredible the final product looked.

- Niels Buksik

CEO & Founder

DUSKON Brand Strategy

A team of industry veterans approached us to launch an integrated LED outdoor fixture company. Brand was important from the get-go and through the Resonaid intensive we identified the need to own 'outdoor' in the B2B lighting space while crafting a very approachable and stand-out B2C brand positioning that has 'striving for efficiency' at its heart. We walked a fine line between standing out on the shelves and fitting in amongst the shelves of the few chains DUSKON needed to win over to gain the traction necessary to become a big player in the industry. With a solid brand foundation and culture road map in tow, we moved on to craft the overarching brand identity for the startup.


We were tasked with creating a name that had to be snappy, easy to say, spell and recall, yet, given the hardware space, it also needed to have a robust, industrial feel to it. Being an outdoor-only brand, we set out to showcase the timeframe in which their products shine: from 'dusk on' – and so the brand name was born. Sounding industrial at first, once the meaning is revealed in the minds of the consumer, it turns into an approachable brand in an instant; exactly what the client envisioned based on the brand strategy.

DUSKON Identity

The DUSKON identity was created with smart simplicity at its core. A strong industrial typeface represents the reliability and durability of the lighting products. A deep purple was chosen over black to show the brand's personality of friend (and mother). The yellow arch within the typeface represents the setting sun to showcase the time within which the products are best used – from dusk on – while also celebrating the name. The visual treatment further strengthens the brand's core reason for being, and its tagline: to brighten your night.

Reveleer Brand Strategy

Health Data Vision (HDV) is an Inc 5000 company that provides software to manage quality improvement, risk adjustment, and compliance initiatives for the healthcare industry. When HDV approached us, they knew a full re-brand was necessary to signify the big change from a service-based firm to a technology provider. Through the in-person brand strategy workshop the new brand's why, how and what was being clearly defined in a single day. The product description gained clarity as 'a hyper-connected platform,' while the mission 'to provide transparency, choice, and control within government-sponsored healthcare' created a bigger purpose that is rooted in the newly derived brand DNA of 'community.' The reason of existence, or 'the why' of this Glendale-based brand, was summarized in one powerful statement: 'To accelerate insight-based healthcare.' The resulting brand summary empowered internal and external communications as Team Health Data Vision was getting ready for the brand re-launch, while it formed the strategic foundation for the next step in our brand work: Deriving a new name for the fast-growing brand.

Reveleer Naming

Health Data Vision needed a name that signified their move away from service-based into a full-fledged technology company. A short name was sought, one that had the .com domain and trademark rights fully available. A name that communicates the brand's mission while providing the starting off point to a greater brand story. Reveleer was derived from the word 'revelation' (the surprising and previously unknown fact), which speaks to the platform's mission to accelerate insight-based healthcare: To reveal insights and to revel in steering the government-sponsored healthcare industry towards transparency, choice, and control. An easy to recall, easy to spell and easy to pronounce name that hit home for all team members, and today seems like it's been there forever.

Reveleer Identity

Having derived the name Reveleer, which talks to the brand's offering, we now sought to focus on the Brand DNA of 'community.' The identity was inspired by the sociable weaverbirds who fully embody the idea of community: The birds are protectors, creators and natural architects who build the world's largest compound community nests. This became a metaphor for the Reveleer platform and its communal drive. The three birds represent the brand's three core values: 1) think customer first, 2) make every moment matter and 3) foster community, while also signifying the connectivity (and, again, community) aspect of Reveleer. A lowercase font was chosen to represent the friendly personality of the brand, however, still coming off as a strong leader with the bold-colored icon choice. An italic typeface and forwards moving icon were designed to mimic the notion of acceleration behind Reveleer.

I found it impressive that such great work could be done in the timeframe that we conducted it.

- Jay Ackerman


Kite Brand Strategy

A global leader in English language education for almost 80 years, Kaplan International was founded on best practices for English language programs. Kaplan International reached out for outside brand strategy assistance for its first B2B product: a revolutionary, cloud-based, adaptive English language assessment system that delivers instant proficiency evaluations with best-in-class accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility. Through our proprietary brand strategy workshop, which was held in a single day in Santa Barbara, we created product focus and language clarity which enabled the KITE team to swiftly move towards launch. After the brand strategy was defined, FINIEN created a meaningful name, lasting brand identity design and brand language for various channels.

Kite Naming and Tagline

The FINIEN team derived the name KITE to signify the enabling element of learning a new language, which allows students' careers to take flight and to aim higher in life. 'Aim Higher' quickly turned into the tagline and key talking point. The name KITE, which is universally easy to spell and pronounce, is further an acronym of 'Kaplan International Tools for English,' relating the sub-brand back to the renowned institution and enabling the startup spin-off to communicate easier within a B2B environment.

Kite Identity

The iconic brand identity design for KITE implies the shape of a flying kite and its enabling nature, while also hinting at disrupting the traditional learning method of the printed page. The logo is breaking out of the box, which is a brand story true to the mission of the brand itself, but also relatable to the student who will use her new language skills to break out of her current life situation. An icon simplistic enough to work in an app environment, yet distinct enough to become…iconic. The dark blue color and the iconic letter 'K' are part of the Kaplan International brand, adding to the brand parent/child relationship signified through this playful identity design.

Working with FINIEN was a wonderful experience. I loved the approach they took to helping us define our brand identity and pick our name and logo. We have been operating with our name and brand for a while now and it's become even clearer to me that we made the right choice. Not only has the name and identity helped us position the product, but I feel like it's really become a part of who we are and is a really integral part of our team culture.

- Danielle Chircop

Product Director at Kaplan International English

Vimmia Brand Strategy

Fashion house Bordeaux approached us for the market introduction of a chic women’s activewear line that would bridge and combine great fashion details and styling with high-tech performance. Plans to develop strategic partnerships with high-end fitness venues and luxury resorts & spas were part of the positioning foundation. This meant FINIEN’s brand strategy needed to intrinsically appeal to both its female consumers and potential sales partners while differentiating from a rapidly growing industry. Inclusion was top of our findings; the creation of a brand that is highly targeted, yet fits into the activities from wake to sleep. That might involve yoga, but this brand was not to force a lifestyle upon its tribe. The brand stands for kicking serious butt nonetheless, but in the sport called life (amongst the other fitness activities she is doing). A badass brand that is motherly and kind. A big undertaking that was derived in our strategy phase and turned into a reality through the subsequent phases.

Vimmia Naming

Vimmia combines the latin-derived word 'vim' (“life force”) with 'mia' (spanish for 'mine') to empower the active women with a name that is easy to say, remember and automatically comes with the vim and vigor this activewear brand and its tribe stand for. We also set out to name the activewear line’s proprietary high-tech luxe fabric, which we coined Movvu, implying the obvious ideas of movement and 'you.'

Vimmia Identity

Vimmia’s identity design was crafted for flexible use (excuse the pun) and immediate recognition. A strong orange-infused red circle brings vibrancy to the mark of this activewear line, while also working well in reflectors on the garments. A horizontal logotype treatment adds to the brand's versatility and embodies the same symmetric concept as the mark and the design of the actual clothing line. Walking the fine line of appealing to the younger target while being still approachable and aspirational to the older target demographic, the Vimmia brand identity hit the mark right off the bat.

Vimmia X Identity

Two years after the birth of the Vimmia brand, we got involved in the creation of the next-level Vimmia garment line. As a brand advisor, Principal of FINIEN, Fabian Geyrhalter, worked with the team at Bordeaux to derive the name VIMMIA X and to assist the team in the creative supervision of the VIMMIA X brand identity design. The VIMMIA X logo adds an element of additional achievement, of outside-the-box quality, and allures to superior health and technological benefits, while fitting within the greater Vimmia brand atmosphere. Through its simplicity it enables VIMMIA X to make a powerful statement (on the garment itself and beyond) that does not pigeonhole the brand extension as it may grow into other superior aspects of fabric and garment design, something that is key to any new product (or startup) introduction.

Every asset FINIEN created was intrinsic to culminating the brand experience we sought to emotionally resonate with women looking for a line of clothing to complement their active, healthy, and stylish lifestyles.

- Kim Harlan

Sales + Marketing Manager

Jukin Brand Strategy

We were engaged by Jukin Media for a fast-paced rebranding initiative of a startup in high-growth mode. We started by dissecting a multi-layered business model in order to identify the unique solutions that the brand represented to each of its three key audiences: video creators, brands/media partners, and the viewing public. Brand personalities were developed and emotional connections with their tribes were uncovered as we set out on the branding of multiple sub-brands as well as the umbrella brand identity.

Jukin Identity

The Jukin brand identity design tells the story of the relationship between Jukin Media and its content creators; a select few are being brought into the spotlight, and those lucky ones see tremendous and immediate growth. Telling this story in a unique and powerful visual manner, we brought the immediacy of viral growth up front and center with a logo that leaves a lasting impression.

Jukin Video Identity

After the successful re-branding initiative, FINIEN was brought on to create brand identity designs for Jukin's portfolio of sub-brands, or channels. Jukin Video is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. Keeping the audience in mind while continuing the strong visual language, we derived an identity that is as playful as it is recognizable. Scalability was key to the successful re-design, given that the logo would live mainly in the tiniest of icon-formats within the social media landscape - while it still had to remain impactful large-scale. With the camera symbol serving as a scalable icon, the typography was treated with a bit of roughness around its edges to support impact large-scale while identifying with the homemade quality of the content Jukin Video provides.

Poke my heart Identity

Another sub-brand within Jukin's array of YouTube properties, Poke My Heart is a channel displaying a range of heartfelt video content, from marriage proposals to kids seeing rain for the first time. Poke My Heart is clearly a destination that makes grown men cry, while women formed the majority of viewers. The in-your-face concept 'makes everyone's hearts smile,' while the identity design was directed to fall into the brand family and adhere to the scalability and vitality of its uses.

People Are Awesome Identity

People Are Awesome is the flagship brand of Jukin. The engagement numbers are staggering. With 4,769,798,500 total views and 36,733,964 subscribers/likes as of July 2018, the re-design had to be carefully orchestrated to ensure brand recognition, take advantage of the brand icon's legacy while pushing the logo and visual language into its next chapter. FINIEN cleaned up the logo, created visual clarity and focused on readability and impact for true awesomeness.

Delivered beyond my expectations!

- Jonathan Skogmo

Chief Executive Officer

PocketNote Naming and Tagline

We knew this name demanded to be simple and easy to recall. Given that PocketNote provides quick clarity and insight, we imagined the user reaching for their phone in their pocket when they are in sudden need of an answer. It is the little black book, the notebook, the holy grail to helping entrepreneurs through their challenging startup journey. 'Startup Smarts' turned into a 2-word tagline adding personality and meaning.

PocketNote Identity

The PocketNote identity design tells the story of the relationship between experts and those seeking their advice. A strong, simple sans serif typeface was chosen for its bold legibility and cleanliness. The reverse of the rounded edges that flows through the icon and typeface gives off a playfulness to resemble the duality action of a Q&A. The two perfect O's that represent the expert and the startup founders are taken out of the typeface to come together and form spectacles; a metaphor for the essence of what PocketNote does: to provide clarity and quick insights to founders, startups and the questions that keep them up at night.

Their ability to hone in on a perfect brand quickly stood out to us. The fact that our brand is fun yet serious, professional but not boring, and the logo and identity leaves a lasting mark on first glance is nothing short of amazing.

- Craig Zingerline


ArdentCode Brand Strategy

The core strategy for the re-branding of this leading team of seasoned developers, solution architects, analysts and designers from Poland was derived in a one-day, in-person, Resonaid brand platform session in Los Angeles. The focus quickly turned to the company's admirable culture. 3 supporting brand pillars were established, which educated the naming strategy and the icon design. The strategy work further created clarity in positioning and messaging and after a successful re-launch event held in Poland, Fabian Geyrhalter, Principal of FINIEN remained on board with ArdentCode as an executive brand strategist.

ArdentCode Naming

Contour Technology, as ArdentCode was named for 16 years, knew its name had to hone in on the brand's newly defined pillars of 'Connect/Lead/Deliver' while standing apart from other software development firms in the U.S. and Europe. Using the rare word 'ardent,' we encapsulate 'connection and leadership' while adding the very to-the-point word 'code,' which further infuses a subliminal second meaning: a tightly knit team that is swearing by its work and sticks together as if they are using their unique communication channel.

ArdentCode Identity

Minimalistic design language is used to allude professionalism while remaining elegant. Movement directs the eye towards the round icon, which is dotted to represent a chain of connection and algorithmic precision. Three points were highlighted with ArdentCode red to emulate the company’s drive to ‘Connect, Lead, Deliver’, which also visually connects to create the letterform ‘A’ for Ardent.

Working with Fabian and team FINIEN on our re-branding journey was like putting on glasses for the first time: Everything became clearer, had more focus and appeared more colorful.

- Peter Dulak


Mister Maginsky Brand Strategy

Introducing a patented innovation to a product that has not seen major disruptions in decades made this brand launch trickier than others. Through a Resonaid™ Brand Foundation workshop help by Principal Fabian Geyrhalter in Vienna, the positioning was established: We believe that male underwear should be logical and geared towards the male anatomy, which is why today, our underwear is different. It separates and thereby liberates, what has always been separated by nature yet barbarically trapped by human fashion. To establish this positioning we needed to create a brand with a unique voice and identity that was just as bold and authoritative as the brand vision.

Mister Maginsky Naming and Tagline

We crafted a person to reflect the wisdom and particular need for organization. Meet Mister Maginsky, the mentor you never had, the father-figure you want to sip whiskey with, the man that re-invented underwear, magically so. Order, notes Mister Maginsky, equals hygiene, and both should be top priorities in every gentleman’s life. "You're welcome" became the brand sign-off on all brand communications.

Mister Maginsky Identity

Mister Maginsky is the brand, the voice, the character and the inspiration. The signature logo is a reflection of him: bold, calculated, articulate and free-flowing. The thick stroke signifies his bold confidence. As if it were dipped and signed in fresh ink, the logo portrays the importance of craft and authenticity within the brand. The black and white nature of the designs boldly disrupt an industry known for color and fanciful imagery while adding a seriousness to the innovative functionality that Mister Maginsky represents.

We were so satisfied with their service we’ve offered them partnership in the project.

- Denis Kosor


Luminora Brand Strategy

Luminora™ creates high-quality sun-protective clothing for women who value freedom. Freedom to love. Freedom to choose. Freedom to be their authentic selves. Luminora believes the sun is not to be feared, but a force of nature and a gift to be thoughtfully embraced. Through our brand strategy workshop, held in Miami, we worked with the Co-Founders to derive Luminora's brand philosophy, which resulted in the mantra of 'enjoying your moments in the sun.' A simple thought that perfectly captured the essence of the brand, its key value proposition and the resulting emotions a customer feels from wearing one of Luminora's patented fabrics at times - memorable moments - of pure relaxation and bliss.

Luminora Naming And Tagline

The name luminora™ is derived from the Latin word “Lumin“(light) and the Greek word “Dora“(gift), composing the “Gift of Light“. True to its name, luminora believes the sun is not to be feared, but a gift of light to be enjoyed and embraced thoughtfully hence the inviting tagline "Embrace your moments in the sun." We further extended the name into the patented luminology™ fabric for a consistent brand architecture.

Luminora Identity

The eye within the logotype symbolizes protection over mankind and 'the all-seeing-eye.' The golden rays surrounding the icon showcase sun rays - spreading protection from the inside out, which is the essence of the luminora brand: To protect your skin so you can enjoy your moments in the sun. The colors of luminora represent the tropical waters, sun, and sand - the scenery in which luminora clothes are mostly worn. Brand Strategy

When Action Verb contacted us to spin off its organization, collaboration, and file logistics cloud platform into its own brand, they already secured the powerful name During a one-day Resonaid brand workshop, for which the remote client team congregated in our Long Beach, CA, office, we crafted the soul of an otherwise transaction-oriented site, used by over 2,000 enterprises and SMBs, including Target, UPS, Leica, DirecTV, GoPro, and Marriott. 'Files are things that matter' became a theme and the mission statement amplified that sentiment: 'We are on a mission to empower you to unlock the potential of your files through secure tools for organization and collaboration in order to propel your productivity and accomplishments.' Because humans are creators and creations deserve to live and be shared. Weaponed with's Brand DNA of 'clarity,' we went out to set that idea into a visual manifestation in the form of a multi-faceted, powerful icon. Identity

The identity design uses an iconic pinwheel to symbolize the constant movement of propelling productivity, collaboration, and organization within the could platform. Simple triangle shapes are a subtle nod to the shape of a corner document fold. An all caps bold sans serif font was matched with the friendly icon to provide confidence and stability within the identity. Bold reds were chosen not only for the representation of leadership, courage, and determination but to strategically stand out in a sea of blue competitors. No shade of red is alike to further represent the diverse documents and users that secures.

APARAVI Brand Strategy

APARAVI, a Santa Monica-based data retention solution provider, reached out to us to define their brand platform. Through our one-day brand strategy workshop, we defined the brand's core values and identified core messaging points, such as the company's belief in ‘zero-button’ data retention and compliance. The findings created messaging clarity, focus and were used to build company culture. For us, the findings were key to crafting the name and brand identity in the subsequent phases of our engagement.

Aparavi Naming and Tagline

The word apparavi is Latin for prepare, fit out, make ready, equip and provide. We shortened the word by a letter for future name recognition and ease of spelling and by doing so we successfully secured an ownable name. APARAVI is memorable and tells a story that describes the offering without being so descriptive to not allow for any pivots or future brand extensions. The tagline "Zero Button. Zero Worries." made the brand strategy actionable to a B2B audience.

Aparavi Identity

The APARAVI brand identity design revolves around its icon representing data storage; the mark has the flexibility to change in between two states, which showcase open-format (open state) and security (closed state). The orange top right corner hints towards not only the APARAVI 'A,' thereby connecting it to the type treatment of the brand name, but also the expandable, open storage formats and tiers of access that APARAVI is designed for. The orange line that extends across the letter A of APARAVI symbolizes the ability to easily manage user and data access through the software.

If you are looking for a 'no BS' branding agency that delivers, stop looking. Fabian and his team are amazing!

- Adrian Knapp

Chairman & CEO

Wind River Foundation Identity

The Wind River Foundation brand identity design is carefully crafted to remain neutral to both tribes and to signify strength and heritage. The icon celebrates the return of the bison to the Wind River Reservation, which has deep cultural significance. The bison represents strength, survival, adaptability, respect, honor, and perseverance, but the icon also hints at a modern locator pin, signifying that the Foundation is location-based. Through its positive upward motion, it shows the impact the Foundation strives to have on the community. The bold, thick, and all-upper-case typography underlines the strength of the community and Foundation alike. The earth-toned color palette was picked to represent the land and its nurturing river.

Wind River Foundation Tagline

Talking to a diverse group of audiences, from tribe members to donors and the government, WRF required an all-encompassing tagline that was actionable and empowering. "To inspire, facilitate, and support" describes the complex platform WRF provides in such a swift manner that it serves double-duty as an elevator pitch.

Legacy Classic Trucks Brand Strategy

Legacy Classic Trucks are bespoke restored power wagons - just ask Jay Leno; he knows. As part of this remote brand strategy workshop for Legacy, we dived deep into the emotional connections 25- to 65-year old men have with their immaculately restored Legacy power wagons - 'the kings of trucks.' An expensive and masterfully crafted object of desire, together with Legacy's founder we pointed the emotional connection with the brand back to meaningful outdoor experiences, a sense of personal empowerment, and a deeper connection to tradition. Through our one-day session we defined the robust nature of the product through core values and brand personality while identifying the emotional need of the audience for authentic experiences in the outdoors.

Legacy Classic Trucks Identity

Based on the brand strategy for this power wagon restoration company, we created an impactful mark that represents the core values of durability, strength, and American heritage. A grizzly bear was chosen to symbolize power, strength, and knowledge. The gray gradient is used to resemble a strong steel-like quality. The negative space within the bear creates lightning bolts to emphasize the 'absurdly powerful experiences' while using the product. The typeface was chosen for its chiseled features and bold characteristics. A mark that is as iconic and bold as it is ensuring to remain timeless. All while looking darn sexy on those wheels.


CO-OP Financial Services' machine learning platform is designed to detect and fight fraud faster than ever before. The COOPER identity shape was derived from the CO-OP brand mark to instill familiarity and connection. Multiple lines make up the shape to emphasize COOPER's multi-level approach to utilizing machine learning and AI. The thumbprint metaphor showcases customization as well as security. Lines open in various areas with rounded edges to bring an organic, human feel to the mark.

CO-OP THINK Brand Identity Suite

As part of our ongoing creative brand strategy engagement with CO-OP Financial Services, we were tasked to craft an overarching suite of brand identities for the inspiring THINK program: THINK – the year-round online thought leadership hub, THINK Review – The Magazine for Credit Union Intrapreneurs, THINK Prize – The innovation challenge, and last but not least the annual THINK Conference. Each stands tall on its own, while easily identifiable as a brand family.

$5 Dollar Traffic School Brand Strategy

The founders of this California online traffic school approached FINIEN to strengthen their brand focus in preparation of a re-branding, which was also handled by us. $5 Dollar Traffic School provides a great online traffic school experience at only $5, as the name suggests. During our one-day Resonaid™ Brand Foundation workshop, we honed in on value, quality and experience, both from the student point of view as well as the brand legacy Five Dollar earned over 20+ years. Competitor brands using the $5 component created consumer confusion, so we decided to include 'The Original' in the name as well as to add 'Since 1998' as part of the visual brand.

$5 Dollar Traffic School Identity

Given that $5 Traffic School truly is only $5 (unlike others on the market) it was important for the identity to feel bold, authentic and true. The identity's seal-like characteristics are to emphasize just that - a stamp of authenticity. A fat typeface was chosen for the numbers to resemble the all-familiar characteristics on the $5 bill. The true color of 'money green' is used as the primary color to heighten the confidence of $5 Traffic School being true to its name.

$5 Dollar Traffic School Tagline

Honing in on their key differentiator and the fact that the company firmly stands behind what their name suggests, we crafted the tagline "True to our name." Another strategic move to educate the audience and stand out from the copycats in a highly competitive industry.

Center for Expanded Families Brand Strategy

During the Resonaid Strategy Intensive we derived the friendly brand personality and strong core values while crafting a powerful story for CEF, a hub for key influencers in the lives of children affected by a change in parenting roles, that provides awareness, education, guidance and support to develop emotionally stable children. It does take a movement to craft the world's next generation.

Center for Expanded Families Identity

The identity design signifies the key aspects of CEF: to create loving expanded families. The ampersand stands for the expanded family as well as for creating more love, more awareness, and support. The similar structure of the heart and the ampersand symbolize the essence of pulling out the love within expanded relationships. The heart is visually 'expanding' out of the ampersand. The two icons intertwine to represent the communication and collaboration CEF provides through our guidance. A bold, wide, rounded typeface was chosen for the name because of its friendly and approachable features, just like the service CEF provides.