Adorista Brand Strategy

Adorista is a gift box service celebrating Korean fast-fashion accessories. The brand strategy workshop moved the idea from a gift box opportunity into the creation of a tangible feeling of belonging for 12- to 22-year old US-based girls. Adorista allows them to feel like fashionable K-Pop stars without having to spend a lot of money and time, or to openly share their love to K-Pop, which is a niche phenomenon. [As a pre-launch startup we are restricted in the strategy information we are able to currently share]

Adorista Naming

One part 'Adore' plus one part 'Fashionista' turned into this catchy name that allowed the company to create Adoristas out of their fans. We established trademark clearance and ensured domain name availability.

Adorista Identity

The Adorista brand identity was created to convey the feelings of fast-fashion luxury while creating an approachable and current fashion-centric brand image. Jewelry was visualized through the use of a diamond shape, the subliminal 3-D box effect alludes to the box that subscribers receive at their doorstep each month. We extended our services and art-directed photo and video shoots while creating the initial digital and box designs.