Co-opportunity Natural Foods Identity

Co-opportunity has been ahead of its time by providing natural, organic, and local foods to the Santa Monica area since 1974 (and it's a co-op - take that, millennials!). With the explosion of natural food markets around the area, it was time to make a change in brand image. We were tasked to create a unique identity that spoke to the brand’s values of better food and stronger communities. Given the nature of a co-op, we were faced by thousands of decision makers alongside the design process, so we had to ensure a home run with the community. The artistically crafted logo shows that there would be no co-op without the natural products and the people that farm and purchase it; the co-op would not exist - the word is white-on-white without the surrounding products. A home run it was, and the rollout across the store's brand atmosphere touchpoints clearly showed the adaptability and scalability of the newly crafted brand identity.