The Mainstream Identity

The Mainstream is a Los Angeles-based startup that serves as a commercial content platform providing users on-demand control over how they discover opportunities. The iconic identity serves the purpose of telling the story between user and advertiser through the shadow-play while creating the symbol of infinity for the endless stream of opportunities and possibilities within the platform. The upfront letter M ensures brand name recognition while allowing for scalability across the social media landscape. Not a bad mixture of ingredients for a startup that demands an iconic and meaningful brand identity.

It's a pleasure to endorse Fabian and the entire team at FINIEN. With the almost impossible task of creating an easy-to-remember, global brand name, and URL, in a short period of time, FINIEN delivered not just one, but 4 great names – in their first attempt! In addition, we were very happy with the visual representation of our chosen brand name. Fabian Geyrhalter makes the process fun, easy, and they deliver on time. We look forward to working with them again!

- Rocky Hansler

Founder & CEO