Mindshare Identity

Mindshare LA is "a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other forward-thinking characters looking for inspiration and connection." We felt right at home crafting an identity for this inspirational event platform. The bold mark represents the space where opinions are being formed, transformed, and likeminded individuals meet through shared thoughts. The typewriter font used in 'Los Angeles' is a nod towards the creator community it serves. Given the nature of the brand, the icon was created to adapt to on-screen, projections, and name tags alike; and it has stood the test of time for nearly a decade.

The term ‘branding’ is overused in business today, with little discipline paid to either the concept nor execution of crafting impressions worth our attention. Fabian’s work is the opposite and makes business sense while upholding time-honored European design traditions of legibility, maturity, and precision. Organizations receive the level of design they deserve. Does your vision deserve Fabian’s quality?

- Adam Mefford