Mister Maginsky Brand Strategy

Introducing a patented innovation to a product that has not seen major disruptions in decades made this brand launch trickier than others. Through a Resonaid™ Brand Foundation workshop help by Principal Fabian Geyrhalter in Vienna, the positioning was established: We believe that male underwear should be logical and geared towards the male anatomy, which is why today, our underwear is different. It separates and thereby liberates, what has always been separated by nature yet barbarically trapped by human fashion. To establish this positioning we needed to create a brand with a unique voice and identity that was just as bold and authoritative as the brand vision.

Mister Maginsky Naming and Tagline

We crafted a person to reflect the wisdom and particular need for organization. Meet Mister Maginsky, the mentor you never had, the father-figure you want to sip whiskey with, the man that re-invented underwear, magically so. Order, notes Mister Maginsky, equals hygiene, and both should be top priorities in every gentleman’s life. "You're welcome" became the brand sign-off on all brand communications.

Mister Maginsky Identity

Mister Maginsky is the brand, the voice, the character and the inspiration. The signature logo is a reflection of him: bold, calculated, articulate and free-flowing. The thick stroke signifies his bold confidence. As if it were dipped and signed in fresh ink, the logo portrays the importance of craft and authenticity within the brand. The black and white nature of the designs boldly disrupt an industry known for color and fanciful imagery while adding a seriousness to the innovative functionality that Mister Maginsky represents.

We were so satisfied with their service we’ve offered them partnership in the project.

- Denis Kosor