Wind River Foundation Identity

The Wind River Foundation brand identity design is carefully crafted to remain neutral to both tribes and to signify strength and heritage. The icon celebrates the return of the bison to the Wind River Reservation, which has deep cultural significance. The bison represents strength, survival, adaptability, respect, honor, and perseverance, but the icon also hints at a modern locator pin, signifying that the Foundation is location-based. Through its positive upward motion, it shows the impact the Foundation strives to have on the community. The bold, thick, and all-upper-case typography underlines the strength of the community and Foundation alike. The earth-toned color palette was picked to represent the land and its nurturing river.

Wind River Foundation Tagline

Talking to a diverse group of audiences, from tribe members to donors and the government, WRF required an all-encompassing tagline that was actionable and empowering. "To inspire, facilitate, and support" describes the complex platform WRF provides in such a swift manner that it serves double-duty as an elevator pitch.