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A quick read about the deceptively difficult task of turning your venture into an admired brand.

Inspired by a new wave of commodity brands that is winning hearts, using the eight traits and their commandments in this book will guide you to your specific path to turning your venture, may that be a commodity product or a hot startup, into a better, more beloved brand.

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“In Bigger Than This, Fabian Geyrhalter offers a set of ideas and a collection of case studies to help you create long-lasting value in head-spinning times. Don’t just read this book...put it to work inside your company and in your career.” - William C. Taylor, Co-Founder, Fast Company, and author of Simply Brilliant

“This book, without a doubt, will create better companies in the years to come.” - Jonah Berger, Wharton Professor and bestselling author of Contagious and Invisible Influence

“Bigger Than This is a small book with a very big font and an even bigger idea.” - Shaun Smith, Author of On Purpose: Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love

“Bigger Than This will, within the first few pages, make it clear why the author is such a branding and marketing guru. If you're interested in starting, or taking your existing business to the next level, I'm absolutely certain that Bigger Than This is the very best place to start.” - Jamie Michele, READERS' FAVORITE

“Bigger Than This has just the right mix of big ideas and practical examples. Fabian Geyrhalter’s book does a superb job of illuminating modern-day branding in a format that makes reading it a pleasure.” - Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews

“As 'real world practical' as it is insightfully 'user-friendly' in organization and presentation, 'Bigger Than This' is an extraordinary and invaluable read from cover to cover” - MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"This is a realistic, easy, and logical companion for any business venture willing to realize and share the story behind their products. A must-read for any entrepreneur." - SEATTLE BOOK REVIEW

“I highly recommend Bigger Than This. Funny, direct, honest, packed with insights, stories and great tips. Concise and clever: you can read it in an hour and get the wisdom of years.” - Andy Milligan, Author of Bold: How to Be Brave in Business and Win

“The author’s genuine enthusiasm for this topic is infectious. Expect your copy to become’re likely to find yourself referencing it again and again.” - David Glaze, Creative Director, Amazon

“Essential reading for any entrepreneur who wants their brand to be more empathetic.” - Heather McGough, Co-Founder, Lean Startup Co.

“5 out of 5” - Clarion

“Recommended Reading” - MARKETING WEEK

“Refreshingly clear and devoid of jargon, Bigger Than This is full of case studies, insights, and analysis that explore the best ways in which to turn a business into a brand.” - Brittany Golob, Editor, Transform Magazine

“If you are a business owner, this is an important book.” - Dr. Alex Mehr, CEO & Co-Founder, Mentorbox

“Bigger Than This is an executive’s guide to the critical qualities, questions, and quirks behind every authentic brand. You’re going to want a highlighter for this one.” - Ken Plasse, CEO, Fishpeople Seafood

“Seth Godin’s and Fabian Geyrhalter's books are my go-to and if you're interested in building a brand bigger than your product, I recommend taking a look at them. The reason I love Bigger The This so much is that it not only acknowledges that branding can make a subpar product better than the competition but also talks tactically about how brands can build superior brands.” - Robbie Abed,




“A new wave of commodity brands is winning hearts and is teaching us how to turn any product into an admired brand.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“For the first time in history, it is more difficult for big brands to gain unconditional consumer trust than it is for a startup brand.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“As a startup brand, though, consistently providing small but thoughtful delights can be the one thing to set your brand apart from your competitors’ offering of the same product or service.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“It occurred to me that the latest wave of brands we love is not leading through disruption and/or innovation. These brands are actually launching with nothing other than a commodity product – with nearly instant brand advocates and huge scale to follow.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

“If you are in a space known for opacity and complexity, transparency can go quite a long way with your audience.”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This

You are searching for the AND?DNA, the underlying DNA of your brand story, which all starts by asking, “What is bigger than this?”

– Excerpt from the book Bigger Than This


Order from us (U.S. only):

Signed Copy for $20

Includes Custom Bookmark


Download Bigger Than This in an 8-page sketch format to get a quick overview of the entire book painstakingly drawn by fan and designer Dean O'Callaghan.





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Essential reading for any entrepreneur for sure. Read this book!
Kara Goldin, Founder & CEO, hint water, 6/27/21, Amazon
Simply put: Insightful and actionable. This book is a must, not just for the C-suite, but for any business owner, regardless of size or industry. If you're looking for an easy read that encapsulates all the key branding lessons you need to take your brand identity to the next level, look no further.
Vincent Pezzulo, 1/14/21, Amazon
Such a great book on Branding. Not only talks about the branding business but how being a guide to your clients, and how important being transparent with your clients about their brands. The importance of having an emotional connection with clients, brands and your audience.
Erick, 12/30/20, Amazon
You will find the essentials for brands, of course, and what is more, for life - me meeting you = two brands meet, in fact. Take advantage of Fabian Geyrhalter's rule of thumb (page 32): 'My rule of thumb: Alienate most to create a tribe of a few. Your brand is not for everyone. Focus on the perfect few, the ones you really need to fall in love with your brand. Create controversy.' Great advice for business and life :). I am reading it over and over, always enriched for my day. Five points out of five!
Hans Ulrich Reitzel, 09/29/20, Amazon Germany
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FABIAN GEYRHALTER is a renowned brand strategist, the founder and Principal of FINIEN, a Los Angeles-based consultancy specializing in brand transformations, and a partner at Chameleon Collective. He has deep expertise in guiding organizations through their brand transformations and has been sought out by companies such as Marriott, Warner Brothers, Match, Honeywell, Kaplan, and Randstad. His thoughts on branding have appeared in publications like Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Washington Post, and his creative direction has won over 50 international awards. A frequent speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide, he is a “Global 100” mentor at the Founder Institute, and all four of his books on branding have turned into Amazon Bestsellers. His newest book is “The Brand Therapy Book 2.” Born in Vienna, Austria, he lives and works out of Greater Los Angeles and is a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design.

SPEAKING Fabian Geyrhalter is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities worldwide and holds branding workshops at incubators and corporations. To contact Fabian for an event, click here.

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