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Benevido Brand Strategy

Entering a crowded space of instant coffee - with the added benefit of natural plant-based ingredients - Benevido sought us out for assistance in the creation of a strong positioning and brand presence on the shelves. Throughout our one-day workshop we focused on the behavior of consuming instantaneous coffee, a quick fix in people's busy lives. A habit that is fueled by short-term benefits is now being furthered to additional long-term health benefits. This became the foundational story that fueled our long-term vision for brand name and identity.

Benevido Naming

Based on our findings from the brand strategy phase, the name for this instant coffee startup needed to fuel long-term benefits while being internationally feasible and memorable. Benevido was derived from the words ‘benefit,’ ‘bueno‘ (’good’ in spanish) and ‘vida’ (’life’ in spanish) to create a brand name that is easy to pronounce, ownable, and automatically conveyed the brand’s values.

Benevido Identity

The identity for instant coffee brand Benevido instills the philosophies and values that the brand emulates. Dynamic curves and swoops create movement that emulate growth, signifying the long-term health benefits of Benevido's added natural ingredients. The communal aura brings thoughts of rejuvenation and a celebration of life. A coffee bean in perspective ties the identity together and hints at the contents within.

SpeakBeat Naming

We were tasked to derive a name for a mobile app that allows for personalized interactions with trending topics, news, and ideas through the answering of questions. The name was required to resonate with millennials, be used as a common noun or verb, tell a story and that trademark and domain names were available. With SpeakBeat we hit on two key aspects of the app: Voicing your opinion and being part of the pulse of now. It also allowed for additional brand nomenclature while being memorable in a beat.

SpeakBeat Identity

The SpeakBeat identity design is multilayered in symbolism deriving from social complexities of community diversity. Multiple bars, in varying heights, assemble next to one another to represent the community as one. Height differences mimic a cityscape, sound bars and the pulse of the community. Each of the bars also represents a speech bubble, the correlated opinions that make SpeakBeat, beat.

FINIEN did an outstanding job assisting SpeakBeat with our branding needs - from the creation of the name to the development of the brand identity.

- Dean Stackel


Adorista Brand Strategy

Adorista is a gift box service celebrating Korean fast-fashion accessories. The brand strategy workshop moved the idea from a gift box opportunity into the creation of a tangible feeling of belonging for 12- to 22-year old US-based girls. Adorista allows them to feel like fashionable K-Pop stars without having to spend a lot of money and time, or to openly share their love to K-Pop, which is a niche phenomenon. [As a pre-launch startup we are restricted in the strategy information we are able to currently share]

Adorista Naming

One part 'Adore' plus one part 'Fashionista' turned into this catchy name that allowed the company to create Adoristas out of their fans. We established trademark clearance and ensured domain name availability.

Adorista Identity

The Adorista brand identity was created to convey the feelings of fast-fashion luxury while creating an approachable and current fashion-centric brand image. Jewelry was visualized through the use of a diamond shape, the subliminal 3-D box effect alludes to the box that subscribers receive at their doorstep each month. We extended our services and art-directed photo and video shoots while creating the initial digital and box designs.

Relay Collective Brand Strategy

Relay Collective contacted us to assist with the launch of a national company for women’s beauty products consisting of hair extensions and a haircare line targeted to females ages 18-45. FINIEN was tasked with the challenge of creating a branding approach that would be expandable for future product lines, encourage consultant sign-ups, move product, and set itself apart from the competitors. Starting with the overarching strategy and crafting of the brand architecture, the full scope of the project included naming of the main brand, sub-brand, and product lines; identity design across all brands as well as the digital strategy and art direction for online; packaging design; and overarching Brand Atmosphere.

Relay Collective Naming

The brand transformation of this beauty company started by renaming the umbrella brand "Relay Enterprises," which we turned into something more approachable and consumer-friendly. In contrast to the corporate feel of the term “Enterprises,” “Collective” captured the inclusive, 'we’re all in this together,' philosophy of the overarching organization.

Relay Collective Identity

The identity for Relay Collective speaks to the overall philosophy of the brand. The “r” wraps around and doubles back to form the “c” to symbolize how the organization of Relay stands behind their “Collective”: the consultants who are the heartbeat of the organization.

LumiBloom Naming

Inspired by the concept of ‘radiant beauty’, we sought to create a name for this brand of hair extension and hair care products that would emanate beauty and light. ‘Lumi’ was derived from luminescence and combined with the word ‘bloom’ to perfectly capture the concept. Easy to pronounce and remember, LumiBloom speaks directly to the target female demographic, while creating an ownable international brand name that was ready to be adopted by Relay's tribe of consultants.

LumiBloom Identity

LumiBloom’s identity blends the “L” in Lumi with the “B” in Bloom to create a powerful heart-shape symbol unique to the brand. Hidden within the shape is also the number 3 which represents the three types of hair extensions which are the flagship of the LumiBloom product offering.

The team at FINIEN successfully strategized and guided us through the monumental task of launching a multi-layered brand. Their attention to detail, creativity, and expertise were apparent in every deliverable from naming, to identity, packaging, and website design. A job well done in creating a brand that truly resonates with our organization’s goals and most importantly, speaks to our target market."

- MacKenzie M. Hill


Martian Brand Strategy

Martian approached us with an inspired winery name, derived from the owners' sons (Martin and Ian), and backed by an exceptional vineyard location and talented winemaker. What was missing was the brand strategy, identity and design. We set out to create the brand as it launched into the saturated California wine market in midst of an economic downturn. Offsetting the obvious (characters of Martians) with brand surprises and drafting stories of authenticity and quality as part of the brand launch were key findings of our strategy phase. We advised to use a rather generic Martian as a surprise that needed to be sought out by the ones interacting with the brand. The character hunt became part of the brand story in true alien-fashion: When visitors roamed around the tasting room property they were greeted by them in random areas of the vast property, the Martian was etched into the bottom of the tasting glass, visible only upon final sip. The tribe loved the Martian hunt, while the hidden character ensured to not dilute this brand of fine wine.

Martian Naming

As part of a special label series for this California winery, we put our heads together with the proprietor and together derived names ranging from Down to Earth, Mothership, Ground Control (hello, Major Tom?) to Uforic to tie in the otherworldly quality of the wines (and, yes, the name) with the qualities of the grapes.

Martian Identity

The typography-based Martian Ranch & Vineyard brand identity used an existing serif typeface that was redrawn by hand to lend an authentic, organic, and otherworldly feel to it. The deep red wine tone seemed especially fitting as the name itself recalls the red planet. The Martian character appeared nowhere on the label, only on the cork once the bottle was opened (Martians playfully handing each other refills).

FINIEN's creativity and attention to detail are invaluable to the success of our winery. From brand identity through design their service is unparalleled.

- Michael Roth


Elevise Brand Strategy

Elevise is a pre-launch startup in the business insurance space. Through our proprietary brand strategy workshop, we identified the friendly characteristics of a disruptive brand. We discovered the key differentiator being approachability and hands-on, as well as 24/7 advice provided to the brand's multiple audiences. The name and brand identity was to speak to these core findings while enhancing the positioning. [As a pre-launch startup we are restricted in the strategy information we are able to currently share]

Elevise Naming

We combined key words that will define the brand, while crafting a story to its audience: A wise brand that will advise its customers in order to elevate not only their job, their life, but the industry as a whole. We ensured domain name and key social handle availability while clearing the trademark. A disruptive company deserved a name that could do all that while allowing for a brand character and provoking an action; an action derived from a coined term. Not a bad way to start up.

Elevise Identity

Weaponed with a solid brand strategy and distinct name, the Elevise identity was crafted to represent the company's personality of a friend and joker. The smile represents the triumph and delight Elevise will bring to its users and customers. The first and last letters (‘e’) of the word 'elevise' face each other to impersonate a conversation between both parties. The distinct color purple was chosen for its symbolism of wisdom, independence and ambition. The freestanding 'ele' character enables the brand identity design to quickly turn into an icon that is as lovable as it is scalable. For a brand that was defined to be friendly and approachable in an otherwise cold (and old) business landscape, 'ele' is the preview of what the Elevisers (as the friendly team out on the field has been dubbed) will provide. Convinced of the company, and swayed by the brand, FINIEN's Principal Fabian Geyrhalter jumped on board as a founding member.

From our initial meeting through the presentations, the FINIEN team's carefully considered solutions to the myriad issues we face as a startup venture have been invaluable. We look upon them as both a solid contributor and proactive member of our senior management team and are looking forward to forging a long-term relationship with them.

- Richard Wise


Wurrly Brand Strategy

Los Angeles based startup Wurrly is a free mobile app that transforms your smartphone into an on-the-go music studio with a fully customizable recording artist experience. We worked with Wurrly through our one-day brand strategy workshop to derive the brand's personality, values, and better define the story. As sometimes is the case in these magical days, we also derived the tagline that day: RAISE YOUR VOICE; a line that speaks to the empowering opportunity for artistry and social sharing that Wurrly promotes.

Wurrly Identity

A dynamic brand identity for this rapidly growing startup that mixes music and tech to bring the ultimate karaoke experience to the app store. Based on the findings of our Resonaid™ brand workshop, we crafted a mark that touches on the universal nature of music and the concept of the 'whirl' as it evokes its musical feel. The brand radiates the idea of 'connecting people through song' - and the icon needed to ensure it does that in a manner that is easily understood by the target, while making it scalable for its key usage in an app and social media environment. The brand icon set the stage nicely for a startup that is seeing tremendous adaption by its tribe.

Fabian is extremely detail oriented and personable, he ran us through a branding workshop thereafter designed the logo. He and his team are easy to work - they listen and then think outside the box in a creative collaborative way. I found the entire process highly rewarding and would recommend them to anyone.

- Nadine Levitt

Founder & CEO

Opal Identity

FINIEN re-launched Opal’s brand through all Brand Atmosphere touchpoints, creating a brand image that allowed the firm to compete on the national level of real estate investment and management. The brand identity design was the key asset, showing monumental strength and alluding to a three-dimensional element of impact and openness. The trustworthy typography and color mixed with the overall modern feel for this identity (created in 2007) ensured to stand the test of time.

NGF Identity

The identity re-design for the Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion, a Vienna based production studio focusing on documentaries, was a family affair (Nikolaus is the brother of FINIEN's principal). The identity design represents the studio's critically acclaimed cinematic style and focus. Fans of his films quickly turned into fans of this icon as it translated the emotions otherwise captured by his moving images.

LazyHooks Identity

We created the identity design for music production label Lazyhooks. You may know the guys behind this label better as Capital Cities, the band that broke our hearts and chart records with 'Safe And Sound.' The logo's simplicity strikes a chord through the apparent hook and its playful nature. A safe and sound logo, in other words. And just like with all big hits, it ensures to remain timeless.


Onramp Identity

The hexagon and cube shapes in the icon represent Onramp’s expertise and thought leadership across its holistic 'six-levels-of-insight' approach to big data solutions, while also having subtle references to organic molecular structures. These six levels were uncovered and developed during a one-day FINIEN brand foundation workshop. The open spaces in the top right corner of the icon speak to the bridge or “onramp” that is being created to clear a path from latent data to fully visible and interpreted bioinformatic data. As a startup in the biotech space, this robust identity equipped the company to enter the world of big data like a big player in the field.

The Mainstream Identity

The Mainstream is a Los Angeles-based startup that serves as a commercial content platform providing users on-demand control over how they discover opportunities. The iconic identity serves the purpose of telling the story between user and advertiser through the shadow-play while creating the symbol of infinity for the endless stream of opportunities and possibilities within the platform. The upfront letter M ensures brand name recognition while allowing for scalability across the social media landscape. Not a bad mixture of ingredients for a startup that demands an iconic and meaningful brand identity.

It's a pleasure to endorse Fabian and the entire team at FINIEN. With the almost impossible task of creating an easy-to-remember, global brand name, and URL, in a short period of time, FINIEN delivered not just one, but 4 great names – in their first attempt! In addition, we were very happy with the visual representation of our chosen brand name. Fabian Geyrhalter makes the process fun, easy, and they deliver on time. We look forward to working with them again!

- Rocky Hansler

Founder & CEO

Mindshare Identity

Mindshare LA is "a mecca for intellectuals, artists, scientists and other forward-thinking characters looking for inspiration and connection." We felt right at home crafting an identity for this inspirational event platform. The bold mark represents the space where opinions are being formed, transformed, and likeminded individuals meet through shared thoughts. The typewriter font used in 'Los Angeles' is a nod towards the creator community it serves. Given the nature of the brand, the icon was created to adapt to on-screen, projections, and name tags alike; and it has stood the test of time for nearly a decade.

The term ‘branding’ is overused in business today, with little discipline paid to either the concept nor execution of crafting impressions worth our attention. Fabian’s work is the opposite and makes business sense while upholding time-honored European design traditions of legibility, maturity, and precision. Organizations receive the level of design they deserve. Does your vision deserve Fabian’s quality?

- Adam Mefford


Don Joaquin Identity

Anticipating the arrival of its guacamole import into the US, the brand for Don Joaquin was inspired by the Aztec tradition and infused with modern ingredients to make it pop off the shelves. Authenticity was top of the list as we derived this iconic brand identity that blends tradition with a swirl of guac in the center of its medaillon-esque logomark. Soon after its introduction to the U.S. it found its way to millions of consumers through the aisles of Costco.

Co-opportunity Natural Foods Identity

Co-opportunity has been ahead of its time by providing natural, organic, and local foods to the Santa Monica area since 1974 (and it's a co-op - take that, millennials!). With the explosion of natural food markets around the area, it was time to make a change in brand image. We were tasked to create a unique identity that spoke to the brand’s values of better food and stronger communities. Given the nature of a co-op, we were faced by thousands of decision makers alongside the design process, so we had to ensure a home run with the community. The artistically crafted logo shows that there would be no co-op without the natural products and the people that farm and purchase it; the co-op would not exist - the word is white-on-white without the surrounding products. A home run it was, and the rollout across the store's brand atmosphere touchpoints clearly showed the adaptability and scalability of the newly crafted brand identity.

Grossman Design & Construction Identity

This identity re-design for Grossman Design and Construction was initiated to reflect the growth of the company. The use of its initials to create a modern three-dimensional structure was our solution to show craftsmanship and a focus on modern design while projecting the scale of projects that GDC was setting out to undertake.

Big Boom Media Identity

This identity was created for the brand launch of Big Boom Media, a startup specializing in SMS messaging advertisement. The brand image was created to show the explosive viral nature of Big Booms' work through a sleek, engaging, and ever-expanding identity design that was carried through various brand atmosphere touchpoints. Since launch, Big Boom Media has developed a reach of over 4 billion wireless subscribers, translating the identity's visual claims into tangible reality.

Bandito Brothers Identity

When we were approached by motocross legend Mike “Mouse” McCoy with a bold vision of creating a new kind of action-focused content creation and production studio, we knew that the brand identity would have to be something extraordinary. The sunrise, the banditos, the coyote, and the bike together turned into a legendary visual in and around Hollywood as the studio took off creating blockbuster box office films and commercials for Fortune 500s. While the visual and verbal language could have easily turned gimmicky and unauthentic, it was important to never slide down that path: Exceptional dedication to the brand atmosphere touchpoint designs through gold foil and other superior paper and fabric choices along the way ensured that the icon and its just as iconic typography became a symbol for out-of-the-box creativity and badass stunt performances.

Survios Identity

Brand Identity Design in partnership with the team at Survios, a revolutionary tech company focusing on virtual reality gaming and immersive entertainment research and development. The symbolism will remain a mystery due to the confidential nature of this fast growing VR company, but give it a second and you might realize a few strategies that have been derived to equip this bold startup with the lasting icon it demanded.

Audiolife Identity

Our brand launch for direct artist-to-fan music fulfillment service Audiolife created visually powerful, dynamic, and intuitive results for its 300,000 users, ultimately leading to the acquisition by the top ranked distributor. ‘The power of music’ was given back to artists and fans alike and was successfully communicated through an iconic brand identity. When there is one key message of empathy, don't hide it. Shout it through the identity, and the tribe will proudly support, wear, and tattoo it. Yes, this was that kind of iconic logomark.