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Just How Much Do They Love Your New Offering? Assume They Truly Loathe It.

Gaining early user feedback? Don’t assume they love it; assume they loathe it.

Like so many of us, I was looking for a better way to find mutually available times for meeting requests; an easier way to manage my calendar with third parties. I tested a plug in that promised to do just that, but as I was at the height of my frustration with the product (a few computer crashes later), I received a message from the startup checking in on me. I was delighted as I had tons of feedback to share. Here is how their message read:


My first reaction: How pretentious!

I do not like it, do not feel it has potential (at my current state of frustration at least), and surely won’t be thinking about added features if the core was not working to my expectations. Where was my fourth option?

d. I do not like my experience with your product. (Please advise us as to why)


Don’t assume they love it. Assume they loathe it.

If you reach a frustrated user and you give them a chance to speak up about why they greatly dislike your product, you will:

a. learn and in consequence have a chance to better your offering

b. have a chance to keep the customer

c. potentially turn loathe into love

As for this plug in, I waved it good-bye upon receipt of that E-Mail. As for your next launch, I am just glad that you will share the love while inquiring about the hate.



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