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How Good Can An Ad Story Be Without A Brand Story?

Consumers won’t trust your ad story, but they will believe in your brand story, because it grows on them naturally and not forcefully. Keep shouting at them what you want them to buy into and you will likely be greeted with closed eyes and deaf ears. Let them form an opinion based on your repeat actions and they will turn into brand adopters and advocates. Stating it that simply, it makes a lot of sense that luxury brands and premium goods are moving marketing dollars from advertising towards branding. Below graphic is as cute and funny as it is illustrative of how branding really fits into the marketing mix. Marketing itself, Advertising as well as PR would not be able to function even reasonably well without the formation of a strong brand story consumers can believe in and associate with.

Image taken from ‘Zag‘ by Marty Neumeier


  • Bret

    I kinda want to tattoo this whole thing to my forehead so my clients can be reminded of it in a memorable way while I’m talking to them about their brand.

  • Jeff Stadden

    People want to buy from a brand they trust and believe in. Advertising, the attempt to create a sale without building trust, has seen its day. A very solid point and one we need to take to heart and convince our clients of. If they will not brand themselves, they will, and deserve to, lose sales.

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