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How to Match Your New Brand Name with an Appropriate Domain Name

Naming your brand successfully (see our White Paper on this topic) and formulating your domain name go hand in hand. Every startup has different needs when it comes to domain ownership. Is owning your .com domain outright the only way to go? Or are there other ways you can have success with a creatively modified domain? Even if you have already answered these questions, factors such as domain availability, pricing, and trademark rights will all influence your final decision. In this white paper we offer a personalized guide to help you make strategic and informed decisions as you go through the process of choosing your new domain name.

Download our free white paper to learn about:

  • Branding your domain name
  • The process of choosing a domain
  • Purchasing a domain from an existing owner
  • What to do when the .com domain name for your brand is unavailable
  • How much money is a .com domain worth?
  • Alternatives to “” ownership

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